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Chairman Profile

In October 1965, the founder (aged 30) with just three thousand rupees (600 USD at that time) started a small workshop in a rented shed to manufacture AC&R components for central air-conditioning, refrigeration applications. This amount of investment was saved by him after serving 10 years of his job in manufacturing and project engineering firms.icl-chairman-1

Within a span of two years after putting very hard-labor and unlimited-hours of working the success came and purchased a plot of 3,000 sq. yard and constructed a small shed. The first five years were most terrible as there was no business-experience except a spirit of entrepreneurship.

However during 1971, once basic hurdles were settled the firm got converted from sole-proprietor to Uniaire Private Limited company.

During first phase of ten years (1971 to 1980) Uniaire growth was very strong. Uniaire AC&R (industrial/commercial) products were approved Air-handling Units, Cooling Coils, Condensers, Chillers and its allied equipments.

•Uniaire equipments were being sold to many large size project-engineering companies such as Kirloskar Pneumatic Co Ltd, Blue Star Ltd, York-India Ltd, Air Conditioning Corporation Ltd Crompton Greaves Ltd, and many other end-users.

•Uniaire equipment was well recognized and was approved by all government organizations such as MES (Military Engineering Service) PWD, DG&D, P&T and many other agencies.

During this period Sucha Singh (founder) travelled to various countries such as USA, Germany, UK, Japan, Singapore, Bahrain, Kuwait and many regional countries. Finally during 1984 visited ASHRAE, USA to see exhibition.

In 1984-85 an Indo-American Joint Venture company was established to manufacture Heat Transfer equipment, its allied products such as cooling heating coils which lasted for 15 years.

During 1985-90 developed first-time in India ACFC (Air-cooled Fluid Coolers) and ACU (Ammonia Air Cooling Units) which proved to be the most energy-efficient products.

ICL-ACFC - Replaced cooling towers and saves 100 % water in diesel/gas-engine power-plants and various other process water-cooling applications.  Now more than 20,000 MW ACFC air-cooled cooling systems are in operation and save millions of cubic mt. water every year. ICL in now largest manufacturer of ACFC in India/Asia.

Virtually all gas/diesel engine power-plants manufacturer or suppliers are ICL customers. It may MAN B&W, Wartsila, Rolls Royce, Caterpillar or Cummins. Not only we supply our ACFC in India but compete internationally with any manufacture in the world.

ICL-ACU - Developed in 1990 and it brought revolution in Indian cold storage industry. It saves tremendous amount of electricity, space and ammonia gas. More than 18,000 ACU are in operation in India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nepal.

ICL-Bitzer – During 1999 first-time Bitzer (Germany) Ammonia screw compressor packs were developed and introduced in India to new projects and to replace old outdated slow-speed compressors. It has proved the most successful, trouble-free machine.

After 35 years - in 2001

21st Century – objectives: After spending 35 years in manufacturing business, at the age of 65 the founder planned and decided to expand its manufacturing-operation to a world-class EPC (Engineering – Procurement – Contracts) company. Visited China first-time during 2001.

In 2003 agreement ICL-India and BROAD-China (world’s largest manufacturer of Absorption Chillers) exclusive distributor was signed.

Mr. Paramjeet Singh (Director Engg. Mrkt) CEO of ICL was assigned to head the four (4) proposed divisions to establish its operation for a target of Rs. 1,000 crore (app. 250 Million US Dollars) in the coming period. ICL business divisions are as under :-

1. Air Conditioning - CCHP ( Cooling – Heating – Heating – Power )
2. Heat Transfer - ACFC and (ACC) Air Cooled Steam Condensers
3. Power-generation - Gas Turbine Power-generation (Cogen – TIAC)
4. Refrigeration - Cold storages, Freezing systems and Ice plants

Div. 1 - CCHP - Under direction of Paramjeet Singh (CEO) during the past ten years more than 150,000 TR, BROAD (China) absorption chillers have been sold. These CCHP systems have been engineered, supplied along with pumps, cooling towers, electrical panels, piping, pumping sets are installed, commissioned complete as (BOP) balance of plant.

ICL – CCHP Project-engineering division has proved to be the pioneer company by installing 40,000 TR Air-conditioning (chilled-water) Rs. 200 crores (40 Million USD) at DLF Cyber City (Gurgaon) by using waste-heat (direct-exhaust) from gas-turbines and gas-engine gen-sets. The first installation was completed in 2005 and within three years all project was in operation.

Interestingly DLF Cyber city electric requirement was more than 150 MW electric power. ICL supply, installation of (CCHP) combined cooling/heating – Power, DLF is benefitted to save almost more than 60 MW of power which was to be needed to run electric chillers.

ICL-BROAD CCHP technology of waste-heat (exhaust) of DLF power-plant has been utilized. It has increased fuel efficiency for gas-turbine (Solar/Rolls Royce) and gas-engine (Caterpillar, Duetz) gen-sets from 35 % to more than 80 (%) percent.

Div. 2 – Power – Gas Turbine - TIAC - Looking at the development of power-sector in India ICL established with Runh Power (China) its Indo-China joint venture. The JV Company supply complete thermal power plants with indigenous and imported equipments. Already some of the power-generation projects are in process.

•Thermal Power: Thermal power-plant boilers, BTG (Boiler – Turbine – Generator) and STG (Steam Turbine Generators) with ACC (Air Cooled Condensers) now available for quick and fast-delivery basis because of ICL office / associates in China.

•Cogeneration: ICL-Runh power is fully equipped to supply any size of co-generation power plants from 5 MW to 600 MW power plant in India and its adjoining countries.

•Gas Turbine: Gas Turbine power plants are available with 5 to 200 MW capacity with  GT-TIAC (Gas-turbine Inlet Air Cooling) and Cogeneration with ACC to save 100 % water.

•ICL – TIAC: ICL-India is fully equipped to supply TIAC (Turbine Inlet Air Cooling) from     5 MW to 1,000 MW systems (500 TR to 60,000 TR) using Waste-heat (Absorption) Chiller, Electric-chillers or combination Hybrid-chillers.

Div.  3 – Heat Transfer- ICL developed its first Air-cooled Fluid Coolers (ACFC) in 1986 to replace diesel engine cooling-tower system for MICO Bangalore of their 7 nos. 750 KVA Skoda gen-sets. Now more than 20,000 MW cooling systems of ICL-ACFC are in operation all over India and many parts of the world. ICL ACFC are being used by MAN B&W, Wartsila, Cummins, Caterpillar, Rolls Royce etc. Many gen-set manufacturers have long-purchase agreements with ICL-India.

ICL-ACFC: Most of the users of power-plants could not believe to use ICL-ACFC to replace the cooling towers. It was hard to educate them but saving 100 % water was a premium. Maruti-Suzuki is one of the examples who replaced the entire fleet of cooling towers and benefitted of ICL-technologies.

Udaipur Lake v/s ICL-ACFC: It is one of the largest installation of ICL-ACFC worth Rs. 40 crore (8 Million USD) in India. Hindustan Zinc Ltd (HZL) (Rajasthan) is one of the cases where water during summer is the severe necessity for population/inhabitants.

Interestingly ICL cools HZN industrial-process water temperature from 45 to 35 deg. C with 46/48 deg. C ambient air. It is ICL unique adiabatic technologies. During winder or night when ambient temperature falls it saves tremendous amount of electricity because the fans motors are used with VFD system. In peak winter ICL-ACFC fan motor run at 15/25 % electric load only.

ICL has hundreds of cases of such history. ICL has proved uniqueness to be pioneer in solving customer-need problems with using common-sense, experience and knowledge.

ICL – HAC - ICL being pioneer in heat-transfer technologies since past 25 years now established in 2010 Strategic Alliance with HAC (Harbin Air Conditioning Co. Ltd) China.      
ICL-India and HAC-China will supply and install ACC (Air Cooled Steam Condensers) for thermal power cogeneration plants in India and other parts of the world.

HAC was established in 1952 is leader and largest company of China. HAC has vast experience having installed more than 25,000 MW power-plants using ACC (Direct) and (Indirect) cooling systems for thermal power-plants. HAC also manufacture air-cooled heat-exchangers for petro-chemical & petroleum industry supplying all over the world.

Div. 4 - Refrigeration- Since inception from 1965 ICL-group has been always in forefront of its technological-advancement AC&R industry. Thousands of its equipments are in use for cold storages, freezing plants and other refrigeration systems. ICL undertakes complete turnkey projects of cold storages, (CA) controlled atmosphere cold-room projects

Cold Storages - During the past many years when ICL supplied thousands of Air cooling Units the End-users of Cold-storages (owners) wanted complete system from us. Now since 2001 we supplying complete cold storage equipment (2,000 to 40,000 MT) for number of cold storages in India, Bangladesh as world-class systems.

ICL - CA (Controlled Atmosphere) cold storages proved to be the most successful system in the refrigeration industry. We have strategic-alliance with various international associates in Italy, China, Netherlands and Germany which has proved to be most-modern systems.

ICL – Yantai Moon: ICL signed agreement with Yantai Moon (China) one of the largest manufacturing company of refrigeration in the world.

Yantai Moon is pioneer in manufacturing of screw compressors (50 to 2,000 HP) packs, evaporative condensers, plate-freezers, tunnel-freezers, spiral-freezers, flake-ice machines, flake-ice, block-ice plants and many other low-temperatures (0 to -60 deg. C) products and systems. Yantai Moon exports its product to more 70 countries of the world.

ICL – Today – as on 2013

ICL-Group philosophy – Honesty – Sincerity – Dedication – Commitment - based on four basic fundamental principles. Our organization has grown with a very Humble-start since 1965 and this journey will continue. The founder shall be 80 years of life in 2015 and ICL has endless road to move on and on . . . like many other companies which are more than 100 years of corporate life and still very strong in the world.

ICL Chairman Latest Photo 
 Photographed – in 2013 (aged 78)