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Company Profile

ICL Technologies – Group Company was founded in the year 1965 now more than 45 years by Mr. Sucha Singh with his strong will-power, self-determination and very positive thinking. India at that time was just in its infancy stage (independence in 1947) and virtually nothing was available in the country, neither raw-materials, nor-machines, or any trained work-force.

ICL – Group has long journey but very exciting. Today International Coil Ltd and mature enough with full of its rich, vast experience of engineering, manufacturing, inventions, innovations of past four (4) decades experience and knowledge.

ICL has clear vision of future and believe the - Past was Good – Present is Better – Future shall be Best – however it all needs very Strong-desire and WILL-Power to do it.

During the first 25 years till 1990 the things were very odd and the country was passing through a very difficult period. Real enterprising-people in India were under great stress particularly small and medium size industries. However during 90’s government of India initialed reformation in their taxing policies and real growth took place in Indian industries after mid 90’s.

Energy, Water Saving: Since beginning ICL-group was engaged into manufacturing, engineering and marketing of HVAC, AC&R products. During the past 30 years since 1985 ICL designed, developed number of products related to Heat-transfer, Energy-saving technologies which proved most successful to save 100 % water in power-plants (gas/diesel engine gen-set), process water cooling, district-energy, AC&R industry.

ICL – Project Divisions: During 90’s having strong sense of its product-applications and initialized its project-engineering divisions to undertake complete turn-key projects. ICL-EPC (Engineering, Procurement Contracts) proved most successful decision of four following divisions and since 1995 fully operational.

1.  Air Conditioning - CCHP ( Cooling – Heating – Heating – Power )
2.  Power-generation - Gas Turbine Power-generation (Cogen – TIAC)
3.  Heat Transfer - ACFC and (ACC) Air Cooled Steam Condensers
4.  Refrigeration - Cold storages, Freezing systems and Ice plants

Div. 1 - CCHP - Under direction of Paramjeet Singh ( CEO ) during the past ten years more than 150,000 TR, BROAD (China) absorption chillers have been sold. These CCHP systems are supplied along with pumps, cooling towers, electrical panels, piping, pumping sets are installed, commissioned complete as (BOP) balance of plant.

Div. 2 – Power - TIAC - Looking at the development of power-sector in India ICL established its Indo-China joint ventures. The JV Company supply complete gas-turbine /thermal power plants with indigenous and imported equipments. Being pioneer in heat-transfer and refrigeration technologies ICL supply, install, commission complete (TIAC) Turbine Inlet Air Cooling systems of any size / anywhere in the world.

Div. 3 – Heat Transfer- ICL developed its first Air-cooled Fluid Coolers (ACFC) in 1986 to replace diesel engine cooling-tower system for MICO Bangalore of their 7 nos. 750 KVA Skoda gen-sets. Now more than 20,000 MW cooling systems of ICL-ACFC are in operation all over India and many parts of the world. ICL ACFC’s are being used by MAN B&W, Wartsila, Cummins, Caterpillar, Rolls Royce etc. Many gen-set manufacturers have long-purchase agreements with ICL-India.

Div. 4 - Refrigeration- Since inception from 1965 ICL-group has been always in forefront of its technological-advancement AC&R industry. Thousands of its equipments are in use for cold storages, freezing plants and other refrigeration systems. ICL undertakes complete turnkey projects of cold storages, (CA) controlled atmosphere cold-room projects.

ICL under its expansion program since 2001 has expanded its International-operation of its four business divisions in various part of the world. Alliance-partners have been established in various developed and under-developed countries and many are on its way. Some of it mentioned below :-

Australia    Canada    china   germany   india   indonasia   Kuwait
ICL-Australia   ICL-Canada   ICL-China   ICL-Germany   ICL-India   ICL-Indonasia   ICL-Kuwait
 philipines    russia   Saudi-Arabia   south-africa   UAE   UK   USA
ICL-Philipines   ICL-Russia   ICL-Saudi Arabia   ICL-South Africa   ICL-UAE   ICL-UK   ICL-USA