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District Energy - ACHP – ( Air Conditioning - Cooling / Heating + power )

Cooling or Heating - Air Conditioning needs electricity or fuel, oil/gas power as source of energy. India or other countries having vast land area have to bare cost of transmission or transportation of Coal – Oil or Gas. Ultimately it adds high-cost of energy.


In today’s world Air Conditioning (CHP) District Energy is ideal solution to the problem which not only saves the cost of transmission but also the saving fuel. Resources have limitations and demand is increasing day after day.


ICL - BROAD CCHP technology Increases Fuel Efficiency : Improve fuel efficiency of gasturbines, gas-engines gen-sets. Its efficiency is enhanced from 30/35 % (percent) to 70/80 % depending upon system utilization of technology and its allied equipment.

ICL – BROAD – Largest Energy Center
DLF Cyber City (Gurgaon) NCR – Delhi - India
Air Conditioning : 42,000 Ton (Chilled water) from Waste-heat
Power Generation : 96.10 MWe (Gas Turbine & Gas Engines)