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 Absroption Chillers

ICL - Broad – Absorption Chillers

ICL-BROAD - Technology using (exhaust) heat-source directly into absorption chillers, takes-up fuel-efficiency to more than 60 to 65 % of the power-generation equipment. In many cases by using engine jacket-water-heat when (tri-energy) is added fuel-efficiency is being enhanced to more than 80 % (percent). It is all most–advance, unique-technology.

1. DFA – Direct Fired Absorption Chillers
2. IFA – Indirect Fired Absorption Chillers
3. BZE – Exhaust (waste-heat) Absorption Chillers


ICL Technology – using Direct Waste-heat from SOLAR Gas Turbines (Exhaust) to BROAD Absorption Chillers to produce Chilled/Hot Water - for Air Conditioning (CCHP – District Energy).


BROAD Group is an enterprise based on the vision of unique technologies and the tenet of preserving life. All BROAD products and services have essentially optimized human life and the environment of the earth.


BROAD is one of the largest manufacturers of the Absorption Chillers in the world. BROAD Town is located outside of Changsha capital of Hunan province of China. BROAD plant is spread over 125 acre land area.


BROAD is a central air conditioning manufacturer. With air conditioning serving experiences for users in 70+ countries, we realized that un-insulated building caused the biggest energy waste in the world, which is far beyond anybody’s imagination.

Started from 2008, we decided to renovate the buildings in BROAD Town, to explore for the humankind a full set of experiences of using less air conditioning. Now we would like to share our experience to you, hope you can follow and do thermal renovation by yourselves.

BROAD - China is an international company that manufacture, sells, supports Absorption Chillers from 4 to 6,600 TR capacities. During the past 25 years Broad has achieved a remarkable Engineering-excellence. Broad Absorption Chillers are being exported to more than 70 countries including USA, Europe saving electricity and environment.

01 - District - Cooling/Heating
02 - Airports * Banks,
03 - Hotels * Hospitals
04 - Auditoriums
05 - Convention Halls
06 - Shopping Centers
07 - Technology Centers
08 - Chemical Plants
09 - Pharmaceutical Plant
10 - Fertilizer Plants
11 - Cement Plants
12 - Textile Industry
13 - Government Buildings
14 - Commercial Buildings
15 - Defense Installations
16 - Engineering Centers
17 - Manufacturing Plants
18 - International Trade Centers