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 Solar Gas Turbines

ICL - Solar – Gas Turbines

Tailored to Renewable Fuel Applications
Solar ® gas turbines can operate on renewable fuels in either simple cycle, Combined cycle, or combined heat and power (CHP) modes.


Advantages - for Solar Gas Turbines

1. Extensive experience has shown that gas turbines enjoy significant availability advantage over competing technologies. And when you need maintenance, Solar offers an engine exchange program, which can limit downtime to as little as 24 hours.

2. Independent studies have shown that maintenance costs are lower for our gas turbines compared with alternative technologies.

3. Gas turbines are smaller and lighter for comparable power output compared to other power generation technology.


4. Noise from gas turbines, being confined primarily to higher frequency ranges, is easily attenuated, making them “good neighbors”.

5. Gas turbines normally produce lower emissions, in terms of NOx and CO, as compared to internal combustion power
generation alternatives.

6. Gas turbines offer the advantage of a high quality exhaust heat stream that can be used in steam production, drying and other applications