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 DLF Cyber City

DLF Cyber City Complex Gurgaon

The biggest CHP in Asia

Several buildings function with energy centres that generate 40 MW of power each plus 18,000 TR of cooling. In the whole complex net power installed is 96 MW and 175 MW air-conditioning is being generated as free energy by using our CHP.

In India, the conventional generation efficiency is 32%-56%, the energy loss in transfer is 8%, and total efficiency of the system is 30%-51%. But for CHP system, 40%-50% of the waste heat from generator
can be used, so total efficiency of the system can reach 70%-90%.

This district is using 59 units of generators, 33 units of BROAD non-electric chillers. The generation efficiency is 30%-35%, and BROAD Non-electric Air Con. (BZHE & BE) can recover 85%-95% waste heat, after this step-utilizing waste heat, the total efficiency of the system is increased to 85%. From here we can see BROAD Non-electric Air Con. play important part in energy-utilizing for the CHP system.

In India, the air conditioning price of office building is around 0.2-0.3 USD/ sq.ft.*month, after using BROAD non-electric air conditioning and distributed CHP system, the air conditioning cost is only 0.04 USD/sq.ft.*month. The investments of the whole system can payback within 1 year.