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 COmplete Cold Storage

Complete Cold Storage/General Products

Complete Cold Storages 1,000 to 40,000 MT

Complete cold storages with insulated panel buildings and refrigeration machines with 500MT to 50,000 MT capacities.It may be any number of Cold Storage rooms of any size, any capacity, and any location in the world. ICL have complete world class Refrigeration Plant, Machinery and Insulated Panel Buildings available on fast delivery. Quick and effective assembly on site is provided.

Many Applications

Our cold storages are for fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, poultry, dairy or any other application.

Incredible Space Saving

Cold storage useful space is saved thanks to Compact Design of our ACU (Air cooling Units). Now even more products can be stored!

Electricity Saving with ACU

In our cold storages we use special ACU that features energy efficient technology and gives you maximum performance and product freshness yet consuming less electricity. Electricity saving from compressor – virtually no product weight loss.

Fast construction - Low operational cost - Best performance

We use Insulated panel buildings as a construction solution. That helps to make it really fast; it decreases operating cost and provides high insulating properties for best performance of the machines installed.

Incredible air circulation for more freshness

All our cold storages are designed to maintain a temperature and humidity at controlled level. Quality and extension of shelf life of you fruits and vegetables is ultimately extended. As fresh as just picked up!

Scope of Supply:

  • Screw compressor Unit
  • Air cooling unites
  • Condenser and receiver
  • Liquid overfeed system
  • Security Valve
  • Insulated panel
  • Pump station
  • Piping at site
  • Electrical control panel
  • CA door