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 CA Cold Storage

CA Cold Storage

To save firmness, aroma and crispiness of the product. To save natural freshness

Fruit and vegetables are living product and they have physiological changes after the harvest.

Under the CA condition the O2 level of 21% is reduced to 3to 4% which results in low respiration and extend the life of the product stored under CA conditions, it is also important that O2 is maintained up to certain limit; below a particular level fermentation can start.

Once the fruit consumes O2 it produces CO2 that further slow down the respiration of the product. The presence of CO2maintains firmness, aroma and crispiness of the product and It also decreases the fungi and other diseases.

During the CA storage, special care to be taken for choosing the refrigeration system , capacity of cooling coil for maintain low delta T for better RH in the chamber, air circulation is also very important which can be reduced to half once the parameters are obtained.

CA store are properly sealed with FRP coating and elastomeric paint on the walls, proper sealing test are carried out with the help of manometer, so that pressure shall not fall below the desired parameters.

For maintaining the CA parameters we need the followings  N2 generator for reducing the O2 level.