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Energy Centre Design Idea

Energy Centre = Captive Power Plant (CPP) + District Cooling (DC) – to generate self sufficient power to serve one (or more) buildings in terms of power and HVAC.

ICL CHP Innovations:

System energy efficiency increased up to 80-90%

No more transmission and distribution losses. 35% of power which is usually wasted as left overheat is converted to produce hot/chilled water for various applications.

Eco Friendly Technology

Flue gases and heat are captured as usable waste heat recovery. No carbon emissions.

All time power reliability

System is totally independent from outside energy/electricity source. Runs on natural gas.

Innovative layout design

Space saving engineering: great power efficiency on a limited space. All power is produced in one place and multiple users are connected to consume.  System designed in modules – easy to replicate, easy to construct at site. Can be installed anywhere and can be moved to another locations if required.

Power Mix

Unprecedented combination of technologies for best performance.

System is up to full load in just 45 min

Start up time is less than 15 min for turbine generator and around 30 min for chillers.

Remote operation

Remote computer for plant operators to monitor and control the system with ease and comfort from a room placed a distance away from equipment.

The best option for air-conditioning

In large buildings due to centralised production and distribution of cooling energy.

The most cost-effective solution of power generation

Huge saving is an ultimate benefit. Unit cost of CHP source over 20 years can be about half as much as centralised option.