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 Energy Centres for CHP

Energy Centres for CHP

  • Power (electric) generation : 0.5 MW to 40 MW
  • Air Conditioning system: 400 TR to 30,000 TR
  • Tremendous energy saving
  • Reduced energy cost
  • All time power reliability
  • Increased energy overall efficiency
  • Low carbon emission due to fuel gas utilization

Energy Centre Design Idea

Energy Centre = Captive Power Plant (CPP) + District Cooling (DC) – to generate self sufficient power to serve one (or more) buildings in terms of power and HVAC.

In CHP systems thermal energy in various exhaust streams from the power generation equipment is recovered to operate equipment for cooling, heating, or controlling humidity in facilities by using absorption chillers, dehumidifiers, or heat recovery equipment for producing steam or hot water.

Power set for building applications:

CPP: diesel engine/gas engine/ gas turbine

Power generation + DC: gas turbine generator, gas engine generator, VAM (Vapour Absorption Machine, heat recovery type), ACFC (air cooled fluid cooler), and AHU (air handling unit for ACFC)

This scheme provides not only electric power to the building but also almost cost free air conditioning system (using turbine exhaust as source of energy) saving huge amount of money.