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Div.1 CHP - District Energy
Cooling/Heating + Power

div-distrcit-energyDuring the past ten years more than 65,000 TR waste heat BROAD (China) absorption chiller projects have been sold. CCHP project are supplied with gas-turbines, gas-engine gensets, waste-heat absorption chillers, pumps, cooling towers, piping, pumping stations, electrical panels, supplied complete as (BOP) balance of plant.  ICL also supply, install 3 to 25 MW gas-turbines single or multiples upto 200 MW.


Div. 2 – TIAC
Gas Turbine Inlet Cooling

div-tiacICL (TIAC) Turbine Inlet Air Cooling refri- geration systems are available for 5 to 1,000 MW capacities. ICL is pioneer and the largest manufacturer of cooling and heating (finned-surface) heat-transfer coils in India. ICL supply, install, commission complete TIAC systems any-size / anywhere in the world.


Div. 3 – Heat Transfer
Air-cooled Fluid Cooling Systems

div-heat-trfrICL developed its first Air cooled Fluid Coolers ACFC in 1986 to replace diesel engine cooling-tower system. More than 20,000 MW Air-cooled cooling systems of ICL-ACFC are in operation all over India and many parts of the world. ICL ACFC is being used by MAN B&W, Wartsila, Cummins, Caterpillar, Rolls Royce etc.


Div. 4 - Refrigeration
Cold Storage, Freezer - Ice Plants

div-refrigSince in- ception from 1965 ICL group has been always in forefront of its technological-advancement AC&R industry. Thousands of its equipments are in use for cold storages, freezing plants and other refrigeration systems. ICL undertake complete turnkey projects of cold storages, (CA) controlled atmosphere cold-room projects.

Div. 5 – Renewable Energy

reneable energyEarth has been plagued by numerous problems over the past two decades because of overexploitation of resources by man. Today, developing nations are struggling with acute Energy Deficits and Solid Waste Management issues. Almost50%-70% of the populations in large developing nations like India and China have no access to power whereas there is no viable solution on how to viably treat the Municipal Solid Waste almost all over the world. Therefore, due to ICL’s R&D and technological expertise, the decision to develop revolutionary technologies that could combat these “Glocal” problems has propelled ICL onto a more social path. ICL is now providing power solutions for Developing Nations through a run-on-the-river hydroelectricity turbine called the Pitre Auger Turbine (PAT) and Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) Systemswhile it is also able to convert Municipal Solid Waste(MSW) to Energy effectively – Four solutions desperately required to help large sections of the Globe achieve their basic necessities and quality of life.