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Pitre Auger Turbine(PAT)

ICL has developed the Pitre Auger Turbine in collaboration with Mr. John Pitre of Natural Power Concepts (NPC) – an American company. The PAT is a small hydro machine that is able to generate electricity by harnessing the hydrokinetic flow velocity of moving water as observed in streams and canals. The machine requires very few clearances due to its small scale and does not damage the environment or biodiversity. The fascinating part is that after every 25 feet, another machine can be added thus creating a chain of machines and producing a large floating power plant. Innovations like the PAT can significantly help reduce the electricity issues faced by power scarce developing nations where the national grid is in a deficit or is unable to transmit electricity efficiently.

The PAT has already been tested in Oregon, USA and Tohana Canal, Haryana, with an overwhelmingly positive response from the media, the state government, the Hon’ble Chief MinisterShri. ManoharLalKhattarji, and most importantly, the local people. ICL has already signed a MOU with the State Government of Haryana for the installation of the PAT and is in talks with several state governments and developing countries to install the PAT on a large scale. The Test Video of the PAT can be viewed on YouTube via the following link: -

pat 1