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Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to Energy

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In collaboration with an American Firm, Regreen Technologies, ICL has been able to developa technology that is able to convert MSW to High Calorific Value Pellets. This energy is in the form of energy-rich pellets that are able to provide a minimum calorific value ranging from 4,000-5,000 CV – a Green Alternative to Coal! The technology produces less than 2% smoke and is completely green while it is able to process the waste in less than 1 day unlike most technologies, which require 20-30 days.

The technology is aligned with the Government’sSwachh Bharat Abhiyancampaign since it would help clean up existing dumpsite waste and incoming waste.Therefore, the technology has been introduced at the ideal time with regards India’s political and development scenario.With several commercial advantages like complete automation, low requirement of space and labour and high quality fuel output, this technology could revolutionize not one, but two industries – Waste Management and Energy Solutions.


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