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Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP)

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CCHP engineering projects are an ICL brainchild that has demonstrated innovative Indian engineering in the field of Green Energy Solutions and HVAC for industrial applications. The process involves the production of electricity through CNG and a combination of Gas Turbines/Engines. The resultant waste heat generated from the process is then captured and redirected to vapor absorption machines or absorption chillers, which are able to transform this heat into chilled/hot water for the application of cooling and heating. Thus, in this manner ICL is able to completely cut off the national grid and produce power and air conditioning purely through CNG and Waste Heat – a significantly non-polluting and efficient system.

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The benefits of using this system are multifold. Firstly, it boosts system process efficiency from 33% to 80% by utilizing waste heat for air conditioning, which is a by-product. Secondly, power demand and consumption are both significantly reduced since electricity is neither required from the national grid and nor for the application of air conditioning. Thirdly, the process is green since it does not utilize polluting sources of power like coal or petcokewhile carbon,sulphur and nitrogen emissions are negligible. The equipment is durable with low maintenance costs and the project life is as long as 25-30 years in most cases. Lastly, and most importantly, it provides a significantly quick payback on the investment incurred due to the savings witnessed in power reduction and the low operational and maintenance cost involved in day-to-day operations.

Our flagship project, the DLF Cyber City is also showcased on the website. Please use this link to read more on the project: